A view of Bridgnorth with a difference

A visit to the summit of Brown Clee resulted in a picture that I didn’t know was possible.

A view of Bridgnorth with a difference

The atmosphere was so clear that I was able to photograph Bridgnorth, which is more than eight miles away as the crow flies.

The sandstone tower of St Leonard’s Church can be seen top left while St Mary’s Church is standing out on the right. 

Also visible is the roof of the Newmarket Building in Listley Street, while the chapel in the town's cemetery is highlighted in the afternoon sunshine.

I have never experienced conditions as clear as this before, where the features of the landscape stand out so distinctly.

It took me some time with a map to work out that the church in the foreground is St Giles at Chetton, more than four miles away.

The manor of Chetton was once held by Lady Godiva who, according to legend, rode naked through the streets of Coventry.

Her husband, the Earl of Mercia, agreed to stop levying an oppressive tax on citizens, and Godiva was given Chetton to provide her with an income after his death.

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