Sun and snow on the Clee Hills

Here's a view of Brown Clee from the summit of Titterstone Clee, on a day of sun, snow and bright blue sky.

Sun and snow on the Clee Hills

Brown Clee is the highest peak in Shropshire, at 540 metres. In fact there are no hills higher to the east until you reach the Urals in Russia.

However its smaller neighbour, Titterstone, has the distinction of being the only named hill in England to be recorded on the Mappa Mundi. This is the medieval map of the world which is on display in Hereford Cathedral.

The rocky outcrop in the foreground of the picture is known as the Giant's Chair, and was formed during the Ice Age.

Many people regard the outlook towards Brown Clee as one of the finest views in England.

This shot was captured by Mike, who has taken over hill climbing duties while I'm out of action thanks to a stress fracture in my foot.

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