Frost and mist over dreamy Bridgnorth

Here’s a dreamy view of Bridgnorth at dawn, with the town wreathed in layers of mist.

Frost and mist over dreamy Bridgnorth

Frost covers the fields, while the church towers of St Mary's and St Leonard's rise up on either side of the shot.

On the horizon is the distinctive shape of Titterstone Clee, which is about 12 miles away as the crow flies.

This was my view from High Rock, the large sandstone cliff that overlooks the River Severn.

It’s said there was once a stone here - the Tailor's Stone - which was named after a man who sat on the top of High Rock while making a coat.

He lost his thimble as he sewed on the last button and, when he stooped to find it, lost his balance and plunged to his death.

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