Peace and solitude at Brook Vessons

Early morning sun highlights a sunken pathway as it winds its way through Brook Vessons Nature Reserve.

Peace and solitude at Brook Vessons

This small woodland on the slopes of the Stiperstones is a place of great peace and solitude, where dormice are known to breed.

It is celebrated for its cluster of ‘giant’ trees which include some of the broadest rowans in Britain, along with crab apple and holly.

Also to be found here are the remains of cottages which were once home to lead miners and their families.

It was a hard life, which must have been particularly grim in winter, and the miners had to take on smallholdings to supplement their income. 

They moved out and abandoned the dwellings early in the 20th century following the decline of the mining industry.

Today, this hauntingly beautiful spot is in the care of Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

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