A stroll into the history of Shrewsbury

Take a walk down historic Church Street and enjoy a stroll into Shrewsbury's past.

A stroll into the history of Shrewsbury

In the centre of the picture is St Alkmund’s Church, which is said to stand on the highest point in town.

It was founded in 912 by Aethelfleda, the eldest daughter of King Alfred.

Aethelfleda was known as the Lady of the Mercians and was the only female ruler of a kingdom in Anglo Saxon history.

On the right of the shot is the Prince Rupert Hotel, named after the Royalist commander who stayed here during the Civil War.

Prince Rupert of the Rhine was a nephew of Charles I, and he became extremely unpopular when his army looted the town and surrounding countryside.

On the left of the picture is the Loggerheads pub, thought to date back to 1665.

Its name is a reference to the three leopards which are depicted on the Shrewsbury coat of arms.

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