Glorious evening sunshine on Linley Hill

Green and gold - here’s Linley Hill at sunset, with a patch of ferns swaying gently in the wind.

Glorious evening sunshine on Linley Hill

Linley’s iconic avenue of beech trees can be seen marching across the centre of the shot, while the Clun Valley stretches away into the distance.

It all looks so peaceful - yet I nearly didn’t get any pictures at all.

A dense cloud of flies descended as I parked in woodland at the bottom of the hill and they were very persistent, despite liberal use of my windscreen washers.

I moved the car a few metres and thought it was safe to get out, but I soon realised my mistake and dived back inside again.

After 20 minutes I decided to make a break for it and jogged up to the summit where - thankfully - my tormenters were blown away in the evening breeze.

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