Majestic view from the top of Caer Caradoc

Lovely Shropshire - here’s another shot from my recent walk up to the summit of Caer Caradoc.

Majestic view from the top of Caer Caradoc

I spotted the sheep grazing on the ramparts of the Iron Age hill fort and waited for them to move into the position I wanted, hoping that the sun would come out at the same time.

Happily it all worked out in the end and this was my view looking north towards the Lawley, with the Wrekin a distant shadow on the horizon. 

Incidentally, it looks like a peaceful summer evening, but this picture shows that appearances can be deceptive.

I was battered by an unrelenting wind the whole time I was up there, and I was mightily relieved to head back down to the car as the sun began to set behind some clouds.

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