Peace and quiet on Nordy Bank hill fort

Just me, my camera and some sheep - and a glorious view looking out over Nordy Bank.

Peace and quiet on Nordy Bank hill fort

This is one of three Iron Age hill forts on Brown Clee - the other two being Abdon Burf and Clee Burf - and the ramparts stand out clearly in the evening sunlight.

The wonderfully named Big Wood stretches across the middle distance, while Caer Caradoc can be seen on the horizon. 

Directly in front of Caer Caradoc is Wilstone Hill and the rocky outcrop known as the Battle Stones.

It was so quiet up there that the only sound I could hear was the occasional bleat from sheep grazing nearby.

This ancient place was the setting for Nordy Bank, a novel by local author Sheena Porter, which won the 1964 Carnegie Medal for excellence in British children's literature.

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