Flash of colour over Titterstone Clee

Light and dark - a rainbow flashes a bright arc of colour over Titterstone Clee and its ‘golf ball’ radar dome.

Flash of colour over Titterstone Clee

I was on my way back from Ludlow when I spotted some dramatic-looking clouds above what is the third highest hill in Shropshire, so I decided to head up to the summit.

The wind was unrelenting and I endured several rain showers in the process, but I was happy with the resulting shot.

This is the 80th anniversary year of the radar station, which was set up in the darkest days of the Second World War.

The original buildings are long gone, but today’s set-up forms part of a national radar network and also plays a key role in providing weather information for the Met Office.

It is a futuristic-looking installation which lies within the ramparts of one of the largest Iron Age hill forts in the county.

The fort was of considerable importance in the past, and it is unusual because its walls are made of stone blocks rather than banks of earth.

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