Waiting for the sunshine on Cothercott Hill

Hail, rain and a bitingly cold wind - I endured them all on Cothercott Hill as I waited for the sun to come out.

Waiting for the sunshine on Cothercott Hill

However, it was worth it in the end to get this shot of Earl’s Hill with the landscape stretching away in the distance towards Nesscliffe and Ellesmere.

Westcott Hill is in the foreground, while a line of trees on the top of Huglith Hill can be seen standing out against the deep shadow of Lawn Hill.

I came across this view a while back but the conditions weren’t ideal so I made a return visit this week.

Once the sun came out I spent a good half hour looking through my viewfinder as I waited for shadows from passing clouds to add some depth to the landscape.

I wanted Earl’s Hill to stand out, so that called for shadows on its slopes - but not too many, and certainly not on the trig point - and also shadows in the background.

In addition, I needed the right smattering of clouds to break up the lack of shadows in the foreground as the sun was behind me.

At last, it all came together and I finally got my shot. When it comes to landscape photography, you soon learn to be patient!

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