Spring blossoms into life in beautiful Clun

Bright blue sky, dazzling pink cherry blossom - can Shropshire look any more beautiful?

Spring blossoms into life in beautiful Clun

Spring is a time for optimism and new beginnings, and this view of the medieval packhorse bridge at Clun is enough to lift anybody’s spirits.

The bridge divides this peaceful place in two, with the original Saxon settlement to the south and the newer Norman town to the north.

There is an old saying that “whoever crosses Clun Bridge comes back sharper than he went”.

It’s not clear whether this refers to a need to keep a lookout for hazards such as fast-moving carts, or if countryfolk had to keep their wits about them on market days to avoid being cheated!

Many people think of Clun as a village but in fact it was granted a town charter in the 14th century.

It is on an ancient drovers’ route along which herds and flocks of animals were driven from Wales to be sold as far away as London.

Clun is also known for its romantic ruined castle, sitting high on a rocky mound, which was founded shortly after the Norman Conquest.

This is a great area for walking - lockdown restrictions permitting - and nearby Bury Ditches hill fort is well worth a visit.

It is one of the finest Iron Age hill forts in the country, with magnificent views of the Shropshire Hills and across into Wales.

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