Light and shadows on the Stiperstones

Evening sunlight picks out Diamond Rock on the Stiperstones, looking towards Cranberry Rock.

Light and shadows on the Stiperstones

In the distance is Heath Mynd, with the beautiful Clun Valley stretching away beyond it.

The Stiperstones is a spectacular quartzite ridge which was one of Britain’s main sources of lead during the 1870s. 

It takes its name from ‘stripped stone’, the result of severe frost action during the last Ice Age.

This is a place of myth and folklore, which includes the legend of six whistling birds who are looking for a lost companion.

It’s said that if they find the seventh bird, it will signify the end of the world.

For me, this is the Shropshire landscape at its dramatic best, where the play of light and shadows - and the weather - can change in an instant.

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