A walk on the wild side in the Stretton Hills

On the edge - a solitary walker is silhouetted against a rolling sea of clouds above Church Stretton.

A walk on the wild side in the Stretton Hills

This shot was taken at sunset on a recent visit to Caer Caradoc, and the Long Mynd can be seen rising above the mist on the horizon.

I thought I had the landscape all to myself, but I was delighted when a lone figure walked into view and added a sense of scale to the picture.

Later that same day I was able to photograph another magical view across a sea of white towards the Long Mynd, also seen from Caer Caradoc.

It was about 40 minutes after sunset and the moon was just starting to illuminate the scene.

By this time it was virtually dark, so I used a 10-second exposure to get my shot.

Temperature inversions generally happen in the morning and clear up after a few hours, but on this occasion the mist hung around until evening. 

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