Evening sunlight on Titterstone Clee

Titterstone Clee is bathed with evening sunshine in this view from Mortimer Forest, near Ludlow.

Evening sunlight on Titterstone Clee

I was standing seven miles away, and this shot was possible thanks to a crystal-clear atmosphere after recent rain showers.

On the upper slopes of the hill is the Victorian settlement of Bedlam, built to house workers in the nearby quarries.

They mined the dark-coloured dolerite known locally as dhustone, which was used in road building.

Crumbling remains of quarry buildings now litter the hill, and are reminders of a bygone industry that once employed more than 2,000 people.

Bedlam takes its name from a corruption of Bethlehem, which was the nickname of a psychiatric hospital in London dedicated to St Mary of Bethlehem.

It reflects the belief that there may have been a medieval lunatic asylum above the current village.

If you look carefully, you can also see the tower of St Mary’s Church at Bitterley on the left of the picture.

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