Dramatic skies in the Stretton Hills

Light and dark - a dramatic evening sky seen over the Lawley, near Church Stretton.

Dramatic skies in the Stretton Hills

I was on the summit of Caer Caradoc when I took this picture, and the Wrekin can be seen standing out on the horizon 12 miles away.

To the right of the shot is Lodge Hill, where stone was quarried for Wroxeter Roman City.

This was a day of sunshine and showers, and I counted no fewer than three rainbows while I was on Caradoc. 

The hill is topped by an Iron Age fort, said to be where the British chieftain Caractacus made his last stand against the Romans.

It was a 30-minute climb up to the summit, but well worth it for one of my favourite views in the whole of Shropshire.

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