Out on the trail of the Long Mynd ponies

I spent a wonderful day out exploring the lesser-known footpaths of the Stretton Hills.

Out on the trail of the Long Mynd ponies

My route involved walking miles along tracks that I had never visited before, and I came across many locations that I plan to return to in the future.

I ended the day with this shot of ponies grazing on the Long Mynd, with Caer Caradoc seen in the distance.

Many people think the ponies are wild, but in actual fact they belong to the commoners who own grazing rights on the hill. 

The ponies are useful as well as photogenic - along with the sheep, they shape the landscape of the Long Mynd and help to maintain the heathland.

They tend to be timid characters and can be very elusive, so you need a great deal of patience to get the best shots.

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