Drift of gold at Acton Burnell Castle

A splash of yellow in front of Acton Burnell Castle, a medieval fortified manor house near Shrewsbury.

Drift of gold at Acton Burnell Castle

I took this picture while standing in St Mary's churchyard, which contains a heritage collection of golden daffodils. 

The castle was built between 1284 and 1293 by Robert Burnell, Edward I's Lord Chancellor and Bishop of Bath and Wells.

The king’s military campaigns in Wales frequently brought him to Shropshire, where he stayed at Acton.

His visit in 1283 assumed national significance when he held what was said to be the first parliament at which commoners were represented.

According to tradition, this historic event took place in a tithe barn.

By 1420, however, the castle had been abandoned and it was allowed to decay while a new house, Acton Burnell Hall, was built beside it.

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