Sunshine and snow on Caer Caradoc

A sparkling morning on Caer Caradoc made me forget about the icy wind that whipped across its summit.

Sunshine and snow on Caer Caradoc

This is one of the most beautiful hills in Shropshire, rising to 459m above Church Stretton and topped by an Iron Age fort.

According to legend this was where the British chieftain Caractacus made his last stand against the Romans.

I was standing close to the edge of a frozen pond, and my picture shows the view towards the grassy ridge of the Lawley.

To the right is Hoar Edge where stone was quarried to build Wroxeter (Viriconium), once the fourth largest city in Roman Britain. 

Far away on the horizon is the Wrekin, the best-known hill in Shropshire and an iconic landmark for miles around.

This Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is recognised as one of the finest landscapes in Britain - and it’s easy to see why.

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