Snow and ice on the summit of Brown Clee

I was on the summit of Brown Clee at the weekend - and to say it was cold would be an understatement.

Snow and ice on the summit of Brown Clee

The chance of getting some snow pictures had seen me leave the house at 6.30am, although there was no sign of the white stuff until I reached Cleobury North.

I parked at the picnic spot at the foot of the hill and headed up through snow-covered woodland to photograph the mining remains on the summit.

These are my pictures of the crusher building, a reminder of the past when limestone and dhustone were extracted from what is the highest summit in Shropshire.

It was bitterly cold up there and I was absolutely freezing.

At one point I took off my gloves for a few minutes and by the time I got them back on again my fingers were so numb that I couldn’t operate the buttons on the camera.

Then a blizzard kicked in and the snow felt like needles as it was driven into my eyes (click here to see video).

Happily, it all worked out in the end and I came back with some new pictures that will eventually find their way into our range of Shropshire calendars, books and greetings cards. 

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