Winter wonderland in the Redlake Valley

Winter white - here's a very frosty morning near Five Turnings, in the Redlake Valley.

Winter wonderland in the Redlake Valley

I took this photograph while standing on Shropshire’s ‘other’ Caer Caradoc, which sits high above the village of Chapel Lawn, near Clun.

It was so cold that the water in my bottle had started to freeze, but it was such a beautiful day that it was worth enduring the bone-chilling conditions.

This is the lesser-known Caer Caradoc which, like its namesake near Church Stretton, is crowned by an Iron Age hill fort.

It is thought that it may have been a rallying point for the men who fought alongside Caractacus in his last stand against the Romans.

Legend has it that the valley got its name because it ran red with blood after the British chieftain was defeated.

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