New perspective from the Newport Canal

I’m always looking for new ways to photograph the Wrekin, so it was a treat to come across one entirely by chance!

New perspective from the Newport Canal

I was watching a family of ducks on the Newport Canal at Meretown Lock when I glanced up and spotted the hill in the distance, towering above the trees.

If you look carefully, you can pick out the main footpath up the Wrekin, which is 10 miles away as the crow flies.

This beautiful spot is part of a restoration project by the Shrewsbury and Newport Canals Trust, aimed at creating a 25-mile green corridor from Norbury Junction to Shrewsbury.

The canal runs through the centre of Newport and is popular with anglers, runners, dog walkers and cyclists alike.

It is flanked by meadows and is home to wildlife including swans, ducks, kingfishers, herons, dragonflies, water voles and bats.

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