A golden evening in the Redlake Valley

Sunshine and shadow - golden evening light picks out the folds and contours of the Redlake Valley.

A golden evening in the Redlake Valley

This was my view from Shropshire’s ‘other’ Caer Caradoc after a day spent exploring what is one of the quietest corners of the county.

I took this shot while standing on the ramparts of the Iron Age hill fort on its summit, gazing out across the landscape towards the Clun Valley on the horizon.

It is thought that the fort may have been a rallying point for the men who fought alongside Caractacus in his last stand against the Romans.

Legend also has it that the valley got its name because it ran red with blood after the battle.

Interestingly, Shropshire is said to have the densest concentration of hill forts of any county in England - probably because of its border with Wales.

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