A magical morning on the Stiperstones

Mist swirls across the Shropshire landscape in this ethereal view seen from the Stiperstones.

A magical morning on the Stiperstones

I was on Habberley Rocks, on the northern edge of this spectacular quartzite ridge, and I could pick out four hills from where I was standing.

In the foreground is Lawn Hill, rising in front of Broome Hill, while Lyth Hill emerges from the mist behind them.

On the horizon is Haughmond Hill, 13 miles away as the crow flies.

‘Mad Jack’ Mytton, an eccentric 19th century squire, had an estate at Habberley.

He was one of Shropshire’s great characters and gave his name to the Jack Mytton Way, which passes through nearly 100 miles of the county's most beautiful and unspoilt countryside.

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