One foot in the past in misty Clun Valley

Here's a magical view at sunrise, with pockets of mist encircling the hills and fields of the Clun Valley.

One foot in the past in misty Clun Valley

It was a case of one foot in the past for me, as I took this shot while standing on the ramparts of Bury Ditches Iron Age hill fort.

This ancient site lies between Clun and Bishop’s Castle, and is recognised as one of the finest hill forts in the country.

Its size and layout were largely unknown until 1976 when storms blew down many of the trees surrounding it.

This led to a large-scale clearance by the Forestry Commission, revealing a series of ditches and ramparts that in places would have been seven metres high.

Emerging from the mist on the right of the picture is Burrow Hill - which is also topped by an Iron Age hill fort - while the Clee Hills can be seen stretching across the horizon.

A glorious morning to be out with my camera!

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