A winter's afternoon in snowy Ironbridge

Here's a wintry scene at the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Ironbridge Gorge.

A winter's afternoon in snowy Ironbridge

I’ve wanted to photograph Ironbridge in snow ever since its iconic bridge was repainted in a vintage red-brown colour, and the recent freezing weather provided an ideal opportunity to tick it off my list.

This pioneering structure was built across the River Severn in 1779 and stands as a permanent reminder of our industrial heritage.

Research has revealed that many of its components were made individually - including all the large castings - and as a result they all differ slightly.

The craftsmen who worked on the bridge employed techniques used in carpentry, such as dovetail joints, and adapted them for cast iron.

Interestingly, pedestrians had to pay to cross the bridge until 1950, although tolls for vehicles were removed in 1934.

The charges even applied to the Royal Family, according to a sign which can still be seen on the Toll House alongside the bridge.

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